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When You Think Clean, Think KDF

Home Cleaning

Kadie F. Foundation Cleaning is a trusted and preferred provider of residential and Commercial cleaning services
in Philadelphia and suburbs. 

Windows Cleaning

With Kadie F. Foundation Cleaning
Commercial and residential window cleaning services you'll stand above the rest,
because you'll be using the best. 

Office Cleaning

@ Kadie F. Foundation Cleaning
we understand that clients’ aren't all alike, having different needs, therefore,
we tailor to your concerns. 

 A New Kind of Clean

 It's no longer enough for things to just look clean.  For a cleaner, healthier facility, newer commercial cleaning methods and technologies are required that go far beyond traditional janitorial services.

 Our cleaning services enable us to remove the maximum amount of soil and help reduce the risk of illness and infection to create an exceptionally clean facility.   Discover the benefits of working with Kadie F. Foundation Cleaning Services LLC.

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What People Are Saying

"The service was outstanding."

Tomas B, Texas

"They helped me in ways that
went beyond the call of service"

L.  Smith, Homeowner